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About Us

Vetrano Communications is a full-service public relations consulting firm, specializing in component technologies (MEMS, sensors, semiconductors) and embedded systems. Our people are all senior-level consultants with 15-25+ years’ experience. Based in Cambridge, MA, we also have consultants strategically located in the NY Metro area, Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia.

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Maria Vetrano


With 25+ years’ experience publicizing component technologies such as MEMS, sensors, semiconductors, audio technologies and embedded systems, Maria Vetrano lives in — and loves — the fast-evolving world of public relations. Maria develops strategic communications programs, actualizing plans through traditional and new-media public relations programs. She also promotes joint relations with her clients’ business partners, extending the circle of influence beyond media relations.

Through her consulting practice, Maria has worked with highly successful startups such as Vesper, Chirp Microsystems and Akustica, with global brands such as Analog DevicesBosch, Intel and NXP, and with innovative technology providers such as Kionix, Kopin, MicroVision, PNI Sensor and Rogue Valley Microdevices.

Former positions include director of public relations for the DSP division of Analog Devices and vice president of marketing for Phar Lap Software.

Maria runs her virtual PR firm from Cambridge, MA, collaborating with associates in the NY Metro area, San Jose, Europe and Asia on media campaigns, and offering design services and search engine marketing through trusted partners.

As an organization, Vetrano Communications contributes a portion of our profits to philanthropic causes such as The Sharing Foundation, an organization dedicated to the care and education of Cambodian children, and the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. Maria Vetrano is also the co-founder of Against the Tide, a nationally recognized swim to fight breast cancer.

Maria received a BA in English from Colgate University, an experience that still has her dreaming of Austen, Shakespeare and the occasional living author.

Lisa Figlioli

PR Consulting Team Member

Lisa Figlioli accepted her first PR job in 1984 and never looked back. After more than 30 years in the business, she still celebrates when clients get the media coverage that they deserve.

Lisa specializes in media relations for technology companies. Her rich background in semiconductors includes internal positions at National Semiconductor and Intel, and includes agency and consulting positions for Analog Devices, ARM, Fujitsu Microelectronics and Xilinx. As a close collaborator on Vetrano clients such as Akustica, Bosch Sensortec, Kionix, MicroVision, PNI Sensor and Vesper, Lisa has extensive experience in MEMS.

Lisa is a career-long member of the Public Relations Society of America, and holds a BA in journalism from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MS in public relations from Boston University. She lives in the New York Metro area.

Lisa Gillette-Martin

PR Consulting Team Member

Lisa has been a high-tech communications pro for more than 25 years — starting in publishing, where she honed her editing skills working on various trade magazines before making the leap to PR. Her corporate experience includes positions with Cadence Design Systems and Siemens Corporation. On the agency side, she has supported startups to Fortune 500 leaders, providing counsel that included not only public relations, but also marcom, IR and executive communications.

Lisa’s background spans semiconductors — from components and sensors to processors — and related technologies (e.g., EDA, IP, packaging/test, materials and manufacturing), as well as display technology, IoT, flexible electronics, solid-state lighting, and data storage. Her passion is writing and editing, and she enjoys taking complex technology stories and making them relatable for a variety of audiences.

Lisa holds a BA in English from the University of California, Fresno, and lives in Silicon Valley. She has a dog and several cats, and enjoys sharing her love of reading, art and theater with her young daughter.