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Challenge: Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) are not confined to a single industry. The supply chain may include semiconductor companies, MEMS/sensors suppliers, specialized inks and polymers, and advanced printing and manufacturing processes, making FHE a challenge to explain to press. We were asked to secure press coverage of SEMI-FlexTech’s flagship industry conference, FLEX, by securing press attendance at FLEX and by launching a publicity program for SEMI-FlexTech members.

Results: We articulated a PR Program for SEMI-FlexTech members through a customized webinar and email outreach. We did the heavy lifting required to bring press to a new event that had not attracted much interest in the past. The result was some stellar feature stories in the electronic trade press and an important feature in a biomedical design magazine – with the promise of even greater press attendance and coverage in 2019.

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Building Media Presence at FLEX Conference

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