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Rogue Valley Microdevices

Challenge:  When we began working together, Rogue Valley Microdevices was an emerging company with some impressive customers and capabilities — but it had been flying under the radar of the larger MEMS industry. As an emerging MEMS foundry competing against much larger companies, we needed to help Rogue Valley Microdevices rise above the crowd. With few press covering news at the MEMS foundry level — and with limited potential for formal announcements — we knew that we had to look beyond traditional media relations.

Results: We developed a case study program to promote Rogue Valley’s critical role in helping its customers move from design to the production of end products. We re-purposed material from the case studies for contributed articles and speaking opportunities, maximizing ROI on content-development time. We initiated a company blog for which we also ghostwrite copy. We made the company more visible at important industry events by creating whimsical sponsored activities. We partnered with a search engine marketing firm to drive Rogue Valley’s presence in the online world. In short, we never accepted the potential limitations of having a MEMS foundry client. It continues to be a wonderful adventure.

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Creating Brand Identity for a MEMS Foundry

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