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Challenge: Launching a new company and building its brand to attract major OEMs interested in buying a startup’s piezoelectric MEMS microphones, a fiercely competitive market with long-established leaders.

Results: We developed and implemented a PR strategy involving industry influencers such as market analysts and leading global electronics press to begin establishing Vesper. Through ongoing campaigns, we secured press coverage in the most influential electronic trades and in top business outlets such as Bloomberg Businessweek, TechCrunch and Xconomy, and in major tech journals such as IEEE Spectrum and MIT Technology Review, effectively establishing Vesper as one of the hot startups to watch. We secured meaningful speaking opportunities and industry awards. We also prioritized brand identity, partnering with Metropolis Creative on the creation of Vesper’s website, for which we wrote the copy, selected the images, managed the design process, and developed a company blog. After three years of working with the company, Vesper is a well-known industry player that has attracted the attention of many of the largest and most important consumer OEMs in the world.

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