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Public Relations and Marketing Services

Public Relations

Research on Trends and Influencers

Before launching a PR campaign, we research market trends and ‘hot button’ issues; competitors’ solutions and media presence; the impact of key influencers, including analysts, media and industry groups; and your company’s visibility in the marketplace. This preparation is essential to launching a successful PR campaign.

Media Briefings and Press Tours

We organize regular briefings with key editors and industry analysts, helping to prepare these important influencers for upcoming announcements. We also plan and participate in press tours to promote new product launches.

Press Campaigns

We conduct press campaigns to secure news coverage in the outlets that matter to you and your customers. After honing the message and identifying media targets, we set campaign goals and engage in a proactive pitching campaign.

Press Releases

Often seen as the fundamental building block of a public relations program, there is an art and science to the well-written press release. Compelling, meaningful headlines and substantive core content combined with an intelligent use of hyperlinks and key words drive both press coverage and search engine optimization.

Contributed Articles

Contributed articles are well worth the investment in time. Not only do you secure coverage in meaningful outlets, you also retain editorial control over what appears online or in print. Examples include technical articles, case studies and viewpoint pieces, which allow you to position your company as a trend-maker and your corporate executives as industry experts.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are an important source of publicity for companies, but they must be managed carefully. We identify review opportunities for products, as well as help companies to set up the necessary support to assure that the reviews are positive experiences for both the company and the reviewer.

Social Media

The traditional ‘turf’ of the PR practitioner has expanded dramatically beyond print, online and broadcast media. Our constantly evolving world includes blogs of all flavors as well as social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking Opportunities

To help position corporate spokespeople as knowledgeable and credible experts within market areas, we regularly research and locate speaking opportunities at conferences, trade shows, seminars, user group meetings and other industry or community events.

Spokesperson Coaching

We work with your spokespeople to prepare them before they ever staff an in-person or phone briefing with an editor or analyst. We coach them on staying on message when a reporter is volleying questions at them during an interview. We also provide specific guidelines on ‘hot button’ issues for each media contact.

Digital Marketing

As social media and search engine optimization (SEO) have become critically important in reaching target audiences, the traditional "turf" of the PR practitioner has expanded dramatically beyond print, online and broadcast media. As a communications firm, we offer a suite of digital marketing services that will further build your visibility online. We now provide:

Website SEO

  • Research optimized keywords for target audiences to secure organic traffic
  • Code your website to rank higher in Google searches from key constituencies

Social Media Management

  • Promote your website site to key stakeholders via content curation, hashtags and influencer outreach
  • Implement social media posts daily featuring blog/other content to key audiences

Plan and Implement Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter

Social Media Management Training

  • Phone/Web-based training, customized to your company, which will allow you to manage your social media on an ongoing basis for optimal results. This is the same training that has been used by The Smithsonian, EMC and more than 25 technology companies.

Marketing Services

Media relations is part of a continuum of marketing programs that can be called into action to build your overall brand.

With backgrounds that extend beyond media relations into marketing communications, we take an integrated view of your public relations and marketing programs. We tailor your messaging for clarity and consistency so you can deploy it in advertising, product collateral, press campaigns, social media initiatives, and even Webinars and tradeshow booth graphics. Through our extensive network of affiliated vendors, we provide services that span copy writing, design and printing to market research and brand development. And because we have held internal marketing positions, we realize that preparing for a special event, like a tradeshow or a seminar series, isn't just about the next press release. It's all about lead generation and relationship development.

Collateral Development

We develop (and design) product collateral that supports your marketing initiatives—and which you can repurpose for your website, HTML newsletters and more:

Product Brochures

From storyboarding and content creation to brochure design and production, we blend market acumen, strong writing skills, and a clear, clean design sensibility to deliver brochures that help your company and technology to truly shine.

Product and Technology Backgrounders

These backgrounders offer a clear orientation, often complementing press releases and other campaign materials.

White Papers/Case Studies

Although company-authored, readers tend to view white papers and case studies as unbiased sources of information. They thereby build credibility much in the same way as editorial coverage.

The Experience

In the communications business, experience matters. When you hire Vetrano Communications, you work with consultants who are equally comfortable working with large public or small private companies. We have years of experience working with all types of companies, all over the world. We are proactive, creative and self-managing, and we carry an in-depth knowledge of the media and markets of the clients we represent. At Vetrano Communications, we make it our business to make your business succeed.


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